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AADA Programs

Dental Health Programs

Providing the information, tools and support to impact your community. It takes only one to make a difference in your community. 

Dental Education is Needed

Through several initiatives during the year, we work to educate the community at large in proper dental care.

The Sad Reality

Dental decay is the single most common chronic disease of childhood, with 16.5 million children suffering from untreated tooth decay!

Dental Health Programs

Senior Smiles
National Childrens Dental Health Month
Healthy Smiles from the Start
Give Kids a Smile
Mouth Healthy
Tooth Savers

Thank You For

  • providing dental health videos for schools, cable TV, and the internet
  • providing youth sports programs with information on the benefits of mouth guards
  • implementing youth education programs in schools on the harmful effects of tobacco and methamphetamines
  • developing exhibits for display in community museums
  • coordinating health fairs to promote prevention-oriented practices
  • reaching senior citizens with programs for their oral health needs
  • educating young children and their parents or guardians about practicing good dental health care through such programs as distributing Ready, Set, Brush! books
  • and promoting dental health education in many more ways