Legislative Advocacy is strong and active in the Alliance!

Each year the ADA holds a Dentist and Student Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. This meeting was the largest ever gathering of profession.  Over 1,000 dentists, dental students and spouses meeting with their lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The energy at the event was tremendous, creating awareness and conviction about the importance of legislative advocacy.

The Washington office educated members on current dental issues and how to influence legislation and regulations that benefit the dental profession.  Dentists, alliance members, dental students, spouse and friends joined together to share experiences and get informed on this year’s dental issues, followed by visits with their individual members of congress.

The alliance has three important liaisons in legislative advocacy.

  • Jerilyn Bird is the Alliance representative on the ADPAC Board. ADPAC is the political action committee of the ADA that 1) educates legislators on issues concerning the Dental Profession and the patients we serve, 2) raises and distributes money to candidates 3) Grassroots Advocacy – local and in the states. She has worked tirelessly to raise money that ADPAC’s efforts. Currently we have 4 dentists who are in the House of Representatives and at the current time, ADPAC is the second largest health care lobby in Washington D.C. 
  • Janette Sonnenberg is the Alliance representative on the ADA Council of Government affairs. This is the ADA council that follows all the laws and regulations that impact dentistry. The Council on Government Affairs recommends policies related to legislative and regulatory issues, including the formulation of proposed federal legislationThe CGA is the ADA’s liaison to agencies of the federal government, especially those agencies that employ dental personnel. They monitor over 3000 federal bills each year that could impact your patients, your practice, and the dental profession.
  • Sue Hadnot is a member of the leadership council who chairs the legislative advocacy committee of the Alliance.  This position works with alliance members, the Washington D.C. office of the ADA, and our two experienced alliance members who are past presidents of the alliance that sit on these important councils.

The Alliance and the ADA feel very strong that your support as spouses/friends of dentists is vital to the future of dentistry. You can become involved by becoming a member of ADPAC for as little as $50.00. You can also sign up for “Engage” with the ADA, which will get your voice heard on legislation impacting dentistry and our patients. It is an easy, fast and effective way to contact your member of congress and actively lobby the ADA’s position. Please be generous and support ADPAC every year and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.  Get the word out and recruit Alliance members at the same time!  

If you have any events or projects in your state related to legislative action please share with our legislative team.  Feel free to contact these members.

Remember the “Tooth Party” is strong and effective.

Learn more about ADPAC and oContribute to ADPAC here.


Jerilyn Bird
1983 Rockledge Drive
Rockledge, FL 32955
(321) 848-5940

Janette Sonnenberg
8051 Spectrum CV
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84093
(801) 580-0123

Sue Hadnot
P.O. Box 278
Lolo, MT 59847
(406) 241-6039