Surviving Spouse

At the AADA we are here for you during every phase of your life. Coping with the death of a spouse is extremely difficult, and you have many considerations with which to deal regarding your spouses practice, estates, and transitions in your own personal life. 

We provide our members with materials and support to help make this time easier.Would you like to receive a free packet? Or, if you know a surviving spouse, either recent or not so recent, who is a widow or widower of an ADA member, please pass this information along to Marilyn Woerner or submit a notice online here.

If you would like to report the passing of an AADA member or the spouse of an AADA member, please click here to notify AADA.

Marilyn Woerner
AADA Surviving Spouse Liaison
(636) 898-8866

Are you interested in joining and building friendships within your dental community?

There is strength in numbers.

~ Marilyn Woerner

Traveling can be a cure for some problems, but it cannot heal the pain from the loss of a spouse. However, with the support of family and friends, a widowed person can find solace in visiting new places. It is easy to stay inside and away from everyone, but that is unhealthy.

A widowed person who had traveled with their spouse may not have had to be concerned about money, luggage, or the travel itinerary. If the spouse did not want to travel, the widowed person may be unsure how to start traveling. Several agencies have Trips available for single people and will help guide a person through the process of the trip. For example:

ROAD SCHOLAR, Adventures in Lifelong Learning

Elderhostel, Inc., the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning since 1975, is the creator of Road Scholar education adventures.
11 Avenue de Lafayette • Boston, MA 02111
(800) 454-5768

The Women’s Travel Club
300 Broadacres Drive • Bloomfield, NJ 07003
(844) 749-0725

Women Traveling Together
National Headquarters outside Annapolis, MD
(443) 458-5634